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Valderrobres is located in the eastern corner of the province of Teruel/Aragon. Arnes, the next village, 16 kms to the east belongs to Tarragona/Catalonia. A local Catalonian dialect is spoken in Valderrobres. It's called «chapurreao» – but spanish (i.e. castellano) is understood and spoken by everyone. The border to the spanish/castellano-speaking part of Spain starts some 30 kms west of Valderrobres. In Alcañiz only spanish is spoken.
Other languages? Not spoken ...

Travel guides and maps
The local bookstore «Serret» sells – besides an impressive variety of spanish literature – also local guides and maps (hiking, bike-tours, via verde, climbing etc.).

History – Civil War
THE historic pearl: The description of the practical implementation of the principles of anarchy in daily life in Valderrobres in the 30ies in the book «With the peasants of Aragon»! The author is the german anarchist Souchy-Bauer – in english! And here the list of some books/reports about the movement in Spain in german.

The local newspaper «La Comarca» is published twice a week (tuesdays and fridays).
How is the weather in Spain?
The spanish telephone directories: the White pages and the Yellow pages.
In case of need – the bus company «Igualadina» connects Barcelona and Alcañiz every day (also on Saturdays and Sundays!). The next bus stops from Valderrobres on this route are Calaceite/21 kms, Valdealgorfa/24 kms and Valdeltormo/25 km.
Maybe not only for kids (?) ... the spanish Disneyland ... by train, by bus and by car reachable within some 2 hrs. (115 kms).
Feel like buying a house or a finca in or around Valderrobres? Check the local agent ...

News and Politics
The most important newspaper in Aragon, «Heraldo», published in Zaragoza.
«» – the Aragon edition.
The most important spanish newspaper: El Pais.
From Barcelone, in catalan: Avui.
Listing of all the newspapers in spanish – worldwide: «La prensa escrita».
The spanish left: PSOE and CCOO.
The Royal Family and their palaces.
The spanish Congress and Senate: El Congreso and El Senado.
The catalan government – La Generalitat.
Want to hear some catalan? Here we go – Catalunya-Radio.