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The climate in Valderrobres is continental – this means: summer is normaly warm and dry (26-32 C), fall and spring are in general nice and sunny, there is not too much rain. In winter it is always cold at night. During the day it varies quite a bit: sometimes it's nice, sunny and warm – but cold and windy days are possible as well. And snow? Sometimes Valderrobres is all white! This does not happen very often, but when it does: ¡Qué alegría!

In short: With the exception of a thunderstorm it is sunny and warm between June and September. Fall, winter and spring are mostly mild and sunny – but there also might be some rainy days.

Today's weather in Valderrobres and in Catalonia/Barcelona.

Have a look at the pictures of all the four seasons in and around Valderrobres (photo gallery):