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(quite a few more pictures you'll find here: Climate)

Good to know: you won't be bothered by mosquitos, wasps or flys – it doesn't matter where you go or what season it might be.
While hiking in the mountains you might see the following wild animals: vulture flying high above you [or quite close at «Mas de Bunyol» close to Valderrobres], ibex, foxes at night or, if you are very lucky, wild boar. Between September and December – depending on humidity – look out for mushrooms. What you might find around neighbouring Beceite, they show you on TV-Aragon.
«Senda», located in Beceite, «Matarranya Aventura» in Cretas and «esgambi» in Horta de Sant Joan offer a wide range of exciting outdoor activities.

Want to go for a walk?
Start in Valderrobres. No matter which direction you choose – it brings you to the country-side. To olive and almond trees. To the quiet life.

In the house there are maps, guides and information about excursions. Marked trails will lead you to the Caja, Picosa, Peñagalera and to the Rocas de Benet etc. If you want to go up to the top of Valderrobres' landmark, the Caja, you'll have to do some climbing to get over the last 10 meters (graded maybe II). There is a rope to make it easier for you.
You'll find countless beautiful hiking-trails all over in the mountains. To remote and quiet places. If time is right and if you are lucky, you might see wild animals.
Find more information about «Els Ports» nature reserve and about the «Parque Natural» in the delta of the river Ebro.

Swimming in mountain streams close to Beceite, Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan and La Portellada: beautiful natural pools and nice places where you can sleep the siesta far away from everything. In the house you'll find maps and information about how to get to the good places. Don't worry, the streams have all year round enough water, also in summer. The water is refreshing – even in August!
If you want to swim long diestances – the Pantano/the reservoir is your choice. In summer and fall the water is warm there.
Why not go to a swimming-pool (piscina) for a change? All the villages have their pools: Valderrobres, Cretas, Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan and Fuentespalda. Very nicely located is the swimming-pool in Rafales with a spectacular view to the mountains. You might be able to spot vultures.
Want to go to the sea?
_If a rocky coast with small bays (calas) with pebbles are fine with you, try the bays just north of Ametlla de Mar. In reality the bays are a lot nicer than on the pictures. The water is clean and clear and depending on the season and the day of the week there is little or no people around!
_Acoording to many people, San Carles de la Rapita is nice. There you'll find sandy beaches.
_At the end of the delta of the river Ebro there are very long sandy beaches too. No trees, no shade – bring something along to protect you from the sun.
You have small children who want to play in the sand? Around Peñíscola there a long sandy beaches. Medieval Peñíscola is built on spectacular rocks on the coast. The old part of the city is very impressive and charming – but it's very touristy, be prepared. At the beaches there new hotels and apartment-buildings all over. ALL OVER. In July and August it's jammed. On the website they'll show you only the sunny side ...

Running and Jogging
You start right in the front of the house. It does not matter in which direction you head. In a few minutes you are out there. Don't worry, there aren't any unleashed or wild dogs around.

Grab a bicycle ...
In the house you'll find different bicycles: city-bikes and mountain-bikes. Pump them and give them a little lube. If you need a mechanic, there is a bike-shop called «Naturesport» some 50 m behind the gas station (Zaragoza Nr. 15). Enrique is your handyman. In case he is not around, call him up: Tel. [0034] 978 89 08 97 or [0034] 647 535 074.
You can use the bike on the highway (carretera), on dirt roads (pistas) and bike paths.
Great is the «Via Verde»: The former railroad between Tortosa and Alcañiz – abandoned since 1973 – is now almost 100 km long bike path. Easy to do, with little ascending and descending, it leads you through a beautiful countryside. Here some glimpses on a video.
The former train station of neighbouring Torre del Compte is now a fancy and nicely located hotel and restaurant. Food is quite expensive. Have a cool drink on the terrace and study the menu. If you come by bike, you'll get lunch for 25 €.
All the information about the «Via verde» you'll find here (look for «Zafán» and «Terra Alta»).
By the way: if you are a bike aficionado you can go to the swimming places by bike.

In the Beceite region there are some 200km marked routes – check the following websites: «Rutabike», «Ports» or «».

Horseback riding (montar a caballo)
Want a lesson in the square on a lunge, go for an easy afternoon ride or for a three day excursion to the wilderness? All this can be arranged. Tamzin (UK-born), the owner of the «Establo de Crystal» is a very experienced teacher. The stables are located some 15 min. out of Valderrobres. There is another stable in Valderrobres, «Picadero J.J.», located about 1km out of Valderrobres in the direction of Fuentespalda/Monroyo. In case there isn't anybody around, call one of the following numbers: 670 83 88 00/978 89 00 86/978 850 034.
In neighbouring Cretas there is another stable where you can do horseback riding.
Here you'll find some nice suggestions for horseback riding excursions in the area.

Mountain Climbing, Bouldering & Via ferrata
In the «Estrets»-Valley close to Arnes, in the area of the «Roques de Benet» nearby Horta de Sant Joan and close to Peñarroya at the cliffs of the «Masmut» there are marked and protected climbing routes with various climbing grades. If you need a guide, ask at «Senda» or «esgambi». Maps and books/guides about the area you'll find at the bookshop «Serret» in Valderrobres (some maps should be in the house).
«Roca Dreta de les Valls»: Shortly before entering the village of Arnes, turn right – if coming from Valderrobres – and follow the «Toll del vidre» sign. After some kilometers you should hit the sign «Les Valls» on your left. Park the car there or go ahead. Follow the trail on your left in the direction to the cliffs (cf. Military map 1:25'000 496-III). It might not be easy to find the start of these routes – better ask first at the Tourist-Office in Valderrobres, Senda or esgambi.
«Moles del Don»: From Arnes, follow the signs to the Estrets-valley. Park the car at the end of the dirt road and follow the river some 20 min. upstream. You'll see the cliffs on your right. By the way: after 10 min. you'll see some easier routes on your right.
«Les Gronses»: From Arnes head on to Horta de Sant Joan. At the big roundabout near Horta, turn right heading to the mountains, following the sign «La Franqueta». After some 5 kms you'll see the cliffs on your right. Check the military map 1:25'000 499-III.
«Roques del Benet»: Follow the above instructions to «Les Gronses», but turn left some 4 kms after the big roundabout. These cliffs are spectacular and can be seen from far away. Check the military map 1:25'000 496 IV.
«Roques del Masmut»: Coming out of Peñarroya de Tastavins follow the sign «Roques del Mas Mut». The cliffs are easy to find, but maybe not so the start of the different routes. Check it on the military maps 1:25'000 520 IV and 520 II. See also this Masmut-route.
In neighbouring Fuentespalda there are two «Víe Ferrate», both are some 100 yds. in height. One is very easy, the other very exposed. You park above Mas de Pau. First you get to the more difficult route. If you continue some 5 min. you get to the start of the easy one. Both routes end up at the ruin Torreta dels Moros. Find information here and here with photos. A hiking trail brings you down to the car.

In the mountains behind Horta de Sant Joan «Senda» is offering canyoning excursions.

Kayak & Canoe (piragüismo, kayak y canoa)
There is the pantano-lake (reservoire) where there is most of the time enough water to paddle around. A lot more interesting it is on the river Ebro. You might start in Miravet or Benifallet. That's a one hour drive from Valderrobres away. There you'll find the following operators: «Rogles Aventura» or «deltaventur».

Close to neighbouring Fuentespalda there is an almost 2 km long tyroline. Check it out!

Fishing (pesca)
Except for the areas marked «coto», in priciple it is allowed to fish in lakes, rivers and streams – as long as you carry with you a personal and valid fishing-permit, called «licencia». That's a MUST. An ABSOLUTE MUST even. If you get caught while fishing without a permit, you'll spend the rest of your holidays at the police-station and a lot of money for a fine (up to a 4-digit amount of €).
So you better get a permit, which cost you only some 15 € and is good for one year in the whole of Aragon (i.e. in the provinces of Teruel, Zaragoza and Huesca)! Where to get the permit:
_In Valderrobres: at the «OFICINA COMARCAL AGROAMBIENTAL», Calle Santiago Hernandez 4 , 3rd floor (by the way: on 1st floor there is the public library).
_Government of Aragon: «Gobierno de Aragon». Applying for a permit through the internet should work, maybe you have to pay the fee in cash at a bank.
_There are private companys which offer permits at extra costs of some 30 € through the web (via e-mail or offering a home-delivery service within 24 hrs.): «telelicencia» or «» or «Armería Alvarez». Here your credit card is accepted and the permit will be sent to your home the following day.

Hunting (caza)
All the above mentioned information about fishing is correct for hunting as well. Plus – you need a personal liability insurance which covers hunting. To apply for a hunting permit, see the above section. The private companys will charge you some 75 € (for one year in the whole of Aragon).

Car-Racing – is a sport ...?
Well, we heard car and motor-bike racing belongs to the sport section ... that's why we inform you here about the following: Some 36 kms west of Valderrobres is the city of Alcañiz. There the world famous british architect Sir Norman Foster built the international racing-course «Motorland Aragon». Find all the information there.

Check these pictures here (photo gallery):