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        Valderrobres – the Village

Market center of the region with all shopping facilities for daily needs – and much more. Population: 2'350; 515 mtrs. above sea-level. Valderrobles covers a surface of some 124 km2. This means, it is about 20% larger than the city of Barcelone (101 km2).

In April 2013 Valderrobres has been awarded as one of the most spectacular villages in Spain: «Los pueblos más bonitos de España».

Map of Valderrobres (PDF, 1 p/790 kB). Valderrobres on Google Maps.

The tourist office is located in the new part of town: cross the steel bridge, continue strait on Cortes de Aragón, after 100 yds. you hit nr. 7 on your left. Opening hours: MON-FRI 09.30-13.00 and 16.00-18.30 hrs., SAT 09.30-14.00 and 16.00-18.30 hrs. and SUN 09.30-14.00 hrs.

Here you'll find information about cultural activities and events.

The Spanish King Carlos and Queen Sofia in Valderrobres!
This happens not even every 500 years – the spanish king and  the queen visit Valderrobres! So it happened on May 22, 2002! Have a look at the photo in the gallery at the end of this page.
By the way – the last time the spanish king was in Valderrobres was on 31st of October in the year 1429, when king Alfonso V. stayed at the Castillo until 4th of December.
In his speech the king («Su Majestad el Rey Don Juan Carlos») stressed at the reception in the Castillo:
«Valderrobres y sus monumentales edificios son un paisaje impresionante y muy adecuado para recapitular sobre la visita que durante dos días hemos realizado por tierras turolenses. Aquí todo nos recuerda el magnífico pasado de Aragón, plasmado en extraordinarios monumentos y en un paisaje urbano y natural sobresaliente.» Genau so ist es!

Public Transportation
There are buses to and from Tortosa and Alcañiz to Valderrobres - except on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays («dias festivos»)! The bus stop in Valderrobres is next to the steel bridge, in the old part of town. You might be surprised: in general buses leave rather too early than too late – so make sure to be at the bus stop in time!
The bus will bring you to the neighbouring villages Beceite, Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan (i.e. in the direction to Tortosa) as well as to La Fresneda, Valdealgorfa etc. (i.e. heading to Alcañiz). Monday through Friday there is a bus in the morning and in the afternoon. Make sure to always check the bus company's timetable! By the way: your bicycle can travel with you on the bus (3 €).
The closest RENFE-stations are: Tortosa, L'Aldea/Amposta (the fast trains Talgo/Arco from Barcelona stop here), Caspe, Nonaspe, Mora la Nova, Reus (perfect, if you fly to Reus).
Next to the steel bridge in the new part of town on the left, there is the car mechanic «Talleres Segurana». Antonio also offers taxi-services (0034 626 909 544/mobile, 0034 978 850 475/garage; Avenida Cortes de Aragon 1).

Shopping and Services
What you might need for daily life – you'll find it in Valderrobres. There are banks and a post-office, a pharmacy, a medical doctor, a dentist and a medical day-clinic, car mechanics and a petrol station, computer and telephone shops and even a bicycle-shop (located in the new part of town, some 50m behind the gas station, in C. Zaragoza. Enrique is a mechanic and will take care of your bike).
On Saturdays between 9 am. and 1 pm. there is a little market in the new part of town (clothes, houshold goods, fruits etc.).
Ups – the nicely equipped book-shop «Serret» almost got forgotten! They are specialized in books, guides and maps about the region. In total hey have more than 100 books about the area in stock. Besides, you can order books here and pick them up the next day.

Valderrobres on the Internet ...
Valderrobres official website.
The official website of the «Matarranya» region.
Valderrobres on Wikipedia.

... and Internet in Valderrobres
Most bars and restaurants offer free wifi access to the web. The village of Valderrobres has also a free wifi.

In Valderrobres there are some 15 bars (where they serve tapas and platos combinados) and more than 8 restaurants, where you can get a three-course menu for 10 or 12 € (wine, water and bread included) – for example:
«Fonda Angeleta»
«Fonda la Plaza»
«Restaurante Baudilio»
«El Salt»
«El Castell» – never eaten there! Want to try? At least it's close - a 5 min. stroll from home!
Pizzeria «Esencia» in the back yard there is a terrace. Only restaurant in Valderrobres where you can eat outside! Dinner only, opens at 7pm.

Restaurants in the area
«La Era» in neighbouring Cretas. A real perl: first of all they have a terrace, secondly from there you can enjoy a spectacular view to the mountains! The food is okay, the menu is around 10 €. If you made a decent impression th the waitress, she will leave the bottle of schnapps on the table after having served you the coffee ...
Restaurant «Miralles» in neighbouring Horta de Sant Joan. For little money you get nice food (the three-course-lunch is around 13 €. Nice website with good information and photos about Horta and its surroundings too!
«La Parada del Compte» in neighbouring Torre del Compte, on the bicycle-route «Via Verde». Until 1972 this was the railway station of Torre del Compte. Nice terrace, rather expensive, make sure to book a table in advance. If you come by bicycle you get a special discount on the menu – it's 25 €. Ask for it!
In Rafales there is «L'Alquería». Never eaten there, but everybody recomends it a lot.
You're looking for a place with five stars or more? No problem. Try «La Torre del Visco» in neighbouring Fuentespalda. Also in Fuentespalda there is «Mas de la Serra». Breathtaking place, superb view! You have to call first and make a reservation (english spoken).
In La Fresneda there are also some restaurants: «El Convent» or, a typical village restaurant with local food, «Restaurant Matarranya». «La Grancha»? Never eaten there. You may want to check it out.

Bars & Discos
Some bars have music (out of the box, not live), billard/pool or table-foosball: «La Terrazetta Verde» is the place to be – only bar with a terrace/garden (Avda. Hispanidad 61; check it out on facebook). Pub Pedris (Avd. Hispanidad) and Bar Camelot (Avd. Cortes de Aragon) – check facebook.

And the crisis in Spain?
The crisis affects Valderrobres as well. Maybe some of the above mentioned places had to shut down or had to reduce their services. Ask the locals about the actual situation.

Have a look at the pictures of Valderrobres (photo gallery):